Full service production and recording studio.

Genre bending multimedia collective based in Seattle, WA. Specializing in audio and visual arts.

We work with both local and global artists, to bring their vision and art to life. Looking for rehearsal space for you and your crew to get loud in? Do you need professional recording and production for your project? Or, do you want to master your craft and level up? We’ve got you covered no matter your goals. 

House of Breaking Glass is legendary in my book. This studio and Phil’s excellent work as a producer and musician have all shaped out band and each of our first 3 albums. Hats off to Phil!

Guy Keltner
Acid Tongue, Freakout Records


  • Access to recording equipment.
  • Professional mixing software.
  • Production from resident expert Phillip Peterson, a multi Platinum producer and musician. 

Rehearsal space

  • Fully equipped studio space for the whole crew
  • Professional high quality amplifiers and PA system to hook up any and all instruments. 
  • Central location

Craft Mastery Education

  • Professional instructors who are CURRENTLY active in the industry
  • A wide range of options (we truly teach everything) 
  • Private lessons in studio or virtual 

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